If you have looked for a way to have an extra income, or even a change in careers, that is simple,
fun, has
no risk, free to join, has unlimited income potential, and won't interfere with what you presently do,
then Life Plus may be your answer.  Please take some time and check Life Plus out.  
This business is all
about making people lives better
and making new friends.  It's exciting to get paid for helping
 With Life Plus, you have the opportunity to help yourself and potentially hundreds or even
thousands of people around the world achieve greater health and financial freedom.  The more people
you help, the greater your rewards.

The roots of Life Plus go all the way back to 1936, making it one of the oldest nutritional companies
in America.  Since
April 2, 1992, Life Plus, headquartered in Batesville, AR has made products available
(now in
over 50 countries) to anyone through network or referral marketing.  Life Plus spends no money on
advertising, but rewards Life Plus members who let others know about them.  Life Plus is primarily a health
and wellness nutritional company but they also carry personal care, skin care, and weight management
products that work.

Life Plus Products are what make the Life Plus business go.  They contain the three keys for success
with a home business from a product standpoint.  They are:
1)  The products are Universal...almost everyone already uses these kinds of products.
2)  The products are Consumable...they are used over and over again = repeat orders
3)  The products are part of a Growth Trend...there's a growing demand for these kinds of products.
With Life Plus Products
the key concept is called
or simply changing brands.
The Life Plus Business Opportunity also contains the three essentials for success from a business
standpoint.  They are:
1)  With Life Plus, you have Your Own Business...You're the BOSS and it's FREE.
2)  With Life Plus, you work with Consumable Products...just change where you shop.
3)  With Life Plus, you are able to Duplicate Yourself...you now have LEVERAGE
With the Life Plus Opportunity,
the key concept is called
or simply being able to multiply
your time, efforts, and income
through others.
Thank You for taking a good look at Life Plus.  Please contact the person who informed you about Life
.  Get answers to any questions or concerns you may have.  You can begin today on the road to
increased health and financial freedom!  We look forward to helping you make your dreams come true.  
God Bless!
The Life Plus Mission Statement

"Life Plus brings together and empowers people
throughout the world with high quality products
and the opportunity to reach their maximum potential
for health, longevity and lifestyle."
World Home Office  -  Batesville, Arkansas
Lifeplus is a company committed to helping people feel good through both our
quality nutritional products and our friendly and flexible business opportunity.