-- After Norm and Audrey Rebsamen's first 9 years, they had personally found about 83 people to join them in Life Plus.  
That's only about
9 people a year...or less than one a month.  Of those 83 people, 19 were serious about building a
business and letting others know about Life Plus.

19 people then referred about
300 2nd level people...who then referred about
3,000 3rd level people...who then referred about
30,000 4th level people...and on and on...and on
                                     and it's still
                            growing larger today!        

NORM says, "I'm just an average guy...barely got through high school.  But right from our bedroom office in our home, Life
Plus has paid us over
$5.5 million the past 9 years...that's incredible!"  NORM continues, "My work is my play...and my play
is my work.  I love what I do.  I now have friends all over the world.  It's wonderful to know if anything happens to me at my
age(76), Audrey will continue to get a check."  
NORM encourages others by saying, "This business isn't always easy to do,
but it is simple to do.  It can happen to anybody!  Keep it simple and you can be very successful too."
--Norm & Audrey Rebsamen, St. Louis, MO            
--"We know of no other opportunity where we could have developed this lifestyle so quickly and with so much fun, while
working with people we admire.  What more could you ask?  A great opportunity with great people and wonderful products."
--Dr. Chris & Shirlianne Shipp, Leicestershire, England, Dentist
--"I've worked in the corporate world in Human Resources for 15 years.  I joined Life Plus a year ago and what has happened
since then has been phenomenal.   Even with two children under the age of five, I now have over
3,000 people in my group
and have almost matched my previous income."
--Laurette Levy, Evanston, IL, Corporate Executive
--"The products are fantastic and as my business expands, I look forward to leaving truck driving and having more time at
home with my wife and two daughters."
--Walter Hess, Hartford County, MD, Sanitation Truck Driver
--"I realized that this (Life Plus) marketing plan could be achieved without start-up
and minimum purchases volumes by anyone, and could therefore be
duplicated.  I also realized that this was the kind of real Referral Marketing of
which I had dreamed.  I started with Life Plus in 1999
without investing money
and without taking risks.  Nowadays I spend part of my time on my favorite island,
Majorca, and could have stopped working a long time ago.  My monthly income is
now far in excess of my previous
annual income eight years ago..."
--Gabi Steiner, Germany, homemaker, started as a single Mom, 9-Star Diamond
--Don says, "We talk in terms of 1 to 3 years it taking a person to be
financially independent with Life Plus.  If they were making $5,000/mo. in
3 years...and alot of people can get there in 6-12 months...but let's say it
took 3 years...that would be the same as if you had saved $3 million in the
 Don and Nancy also say, "We are not on vacation, this is how we
live.  We ate at 65 Chart House restaurants in 18 months and received 2
sets of tickets to fly around the world free.  We are lifestyle trainers and we
teach people how to have a better life." (thru Life Plus International)

--Don and Nancy Failla, Calif., started in Life Plus in 1996 with 4 people
and now have over 200,000 people in their organization, mainly
**Note:  The above Life Plus members have become very successful.  Your income is
not guaranteed but depends on your efforts and how you have helped others in your
organization.  Everyone has the same opportunity.