find 3
6 levels
total = 1,092
YOU find
who find
3 each
who find
3 each
who find
3 each
Bonus Pool
To illustrate Leverage, imagine in the example below that during a short period of time, you
told 3 people about Life Plus who joined;  and they did the same thing - told 3 of their friends
each,...who joined and
everyone did the same thing... thru 6 levels, etc.

Now if everyone used some products and found 3 people each,  your organization would look like this:  

3              = 9              = 27              = 81             = 243             = 729       

Here's how Leverage happened for Norm and Audrey
Levels           1                       2                         3                        4                          5                           6  and on & on -->
You found only 3 people but thru Leverage it multiplied to 1,092 people thru just 6 levels!
plus BonusPool
Most People Don't but...You Can with Life Plus -- Starting Today!
With Life Plus, you can multiply your time, efforts, and income through others.  That's LEVERAGE and is
the secret to creating financial wealth and time freedom.  Your income
NO LONGER depends ONLY on what
YOU DO!   With Life Plus, by following two simple steps...
1) use a few products for your own personal
, and 2)  letting others know about Life Plus, you can create an extra income, part-time or full-time,
that can give you financial freedom.
J. Paul Getty, Billionaire, explained Leverage by saying,
"I would rather earn 1% of the efforts of 100 people rather than 100% of my own efforts."

He also said "The 3 things necessary for financial freedom are:
1) Have your own business -- (With LP, you are the BOSS & Membership is FREE)
2) Have a consumable product...(LP products are consumable = repeat orders)
3) Be able to Duplicate Yourself -- (have LEVERAGE...LP makes it easy to have Leverage)
With Life Plus, you can be earning a % of the time, efforts, and purchases of hundreds or
even thousands of people while these same people are creating and building their own Life
Plus business.  That's exciting!...by just sharing this website with friends with the many

simple and fun ways
, they too can do the same thing, and your business can grow and
.there's no limits!
LifeTime Productivity

If only YOU are working...
8 hours a day, 5 days a week

40  hrs. work per week
X 50  weeks per year
X 40  years
80,000 work hours in your Lifetime
Time Leverage

If You Have 400 people in Your Organization
with each Person Working only 1 Hr./Day

400  Hrs./Day = 400 People X 1 Hr. work a day
X   5  Days a week
X 50  Weeks a year
100,000 Man work hrs.  Annually
There's NO Comparison!

Your 80,000 Lifetime Hours    VS.   100,000 man hrs. Annually
The Power Of One
The One-A-Month Club(4096)

Here's an illustrated example of what can happen through the Power of Leverage if
you found only one person a month to join you in your Life Plus adventure and
everyone did the same...find just one person a month...for one year.
You would have found
12 people(1 person a month) but
your organization would have multiplied to a total of 4096 Life Plus members
in just
one year!  Amazing!...isn't it!
See illustration-Click Here