Hello Friends!

Life Plus opened its doors in Batesville, AR on April 2, 1992.  Someone introduced me
to Life Plus with a postcard in December of 1994, and I joined on December 12th of
that year.  At that time I lived in San Angelo, TX.  

There were many things that attracted me to Life Plus.  Overall, it was the
of the business.  It was free to join, with no application to fill out.  You can sign up
right over the phone in just minutes, or sign-up on the internet.  There's no risk, no
products to deliver or money to collect from anyone, and no paperwork or inventory
required.  The income potential is great and the business is easy to understand,
making it very
duplicatable,  Then you combine all the great business features with
our great products that have helped thousands, and the solid, and experienced
company leadership team and home office....you have a company you can
grow with, long-term.   

It seems like during the mid-1990's the internet was just getting going as far as being
used to build and promote businesses.  During that time, to get my Life Plus business
going, I placed some small ads in newspapers and also mailed some postcards.  The
business grew into a nice extra income for me.  But in August of 1996, I moved back
to my hometown of Roanoke, VA.  From then until 2003, I went through 5-6 moves
and some job changes. I kept using and enjoying the Life Plus products, but didn't
give the business the attention it needed, and so the business did decline.  But I still
remembered the excitement of the 1995-97 years...the way it multiplied and grew.  
The extra income, though smaller, still came in, on into the early 2000's.  It was nice
receiving and experiencing that
residual income, coming from my efforts back in
those beginning years.  And I still dreamed of that happening again but in a bigger,
lasting way!

All during these past 15-20 years or so, I've been a student of referral or network
marketing.  I watched dozens of free online training seminars on
, and read many articles and books from top internet marketers.   My
thinking was and still is that there is no business as exciting as this, or that has the
potential and benefits it offers.  I was amazed at learning of the power of using the
internet as a marketing tool.  I began learning how to build a simple Life Plus
website with simple but powerful tools.  
I wanted this website to be used by
you to help you build your own Life Plus business.
 It took time but I really
enjoyed all that I was learning.  I wanted a simple system that  anyone could use
to grow quickly... because that is exciting and excitement causes growth.  So this
I've created for you...for you to use to build your Life Plus business
with the power of the internet, just like I will be doing.  

I've given emphasis to the two simple, but powerful steps involved with Life
transfer buying and leverage.  These concepts excite me and I
believe when they are understood, will excite others.  The Life Plus company
leadership is first class and all the products are excellent but when someone
understands, especially the power of leverage, and then has some simple tools to
apply that leverage, watch out!  Massive growth is up ahead!         

WELCOME TO LIFE PLUS! ...where our company motto is "people helping people
to make their lives better."
 My hope and prayer is that this simple website
(www.whatislpi.com) and our Easy Website System will help you to a better life
and to see your dreams come true!  
Now get in touch with the person who
introduced you to Life Plus.
 Then join in with 1000's of people around the world
and start your own exciting Life Plus journey to health, wealth, and a better life today!

Wishing you all the Best...
Your Life Plus Partner,

Steve Gallagher     

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