A Company Making A Difference
The vision that inspires the Founders guides Life Plus in its daily mission.
Life Plus President, J. Robert (Bob) Lemon, began
his professional career as a pharmacist, owning
several successful pharmacies in Florida.  Three
decades ago, his passion to help people led him to
a professional interest in nutrition and natural
products. Bob believed that nutrition and
nutraceuticals held exciting possibilities.  As a
visionary, he had the fore-sight decades ago to see
that nutraceuticals would become a major influence
in the U.S. as well as Internationally.  Bob sold his
pharmacies and spent many years studying and
working with colleagues in Europe and the United
States.  He purchased VM Nutri, one of the oldest
and most reputable nutritional supplement
manufacturing companies in the U.S.  Bob's dream
was to make superior nutritional supplements
available for the average consumer.

William T. (Bill) Evans, was searching for
answers, as his wife, Mary Anne, was having serious
health challenges. During this time, Bill met a doctor
who introduced him to Bob Lemon. Bob and Bill
formed a partnership and a special friendship that
has lasted over 25 years. Bill had a successful
background in sales and marketing and possessed
the drive and business savvy to succeed. Bob brought
to the table his pharmaceutical knowledge and
experience. Together they shared a dream that
ultimately became Life Plus.
Timothy A. Nolan (Tim) was VM Nutri's President
and joined Bob and Bill in 1982 when the
manufacturing plant was moved to Batesville,
Arkansas.  Tim understood manufacturing
systems, quality control and brought his unique,
down to earth approach to the partnership. Seeking
the most effective distribution method possible, the
three partners chose Network Marketing.

In 1982,
Robert E. Christian was identified as the
man they needed to implement and program the
marketing systems. As a computer technology
expert, Robert provided the support to innovate a
new breed of Network Marketing company.  The
birth of Life Plus in 1992 changed the course of
network marketing history, as it redefined the
industry with its simplified program. The
contributions of each partner, their clear vision,
their team-driven management style that puts
Members' needs first, has made Life Plus a
home-based business opportunity second to none.

The Co-Founders are excited about the integration
of exciting technologies in the health and
opportunity markets, and look forward to partnering
with members to realize the unlimited possibilities
of tomorrow.